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Skinners Academy

Skinners Academy

Based on a Design and Build Form of Contract, this four storey academy is a prestigious building in the Borough of Hackney (near to Finsbury Park). This modern building includes a variety of fuel saving devices.

Fuel saving devices include the use of harvested rain water in conjunction with the WC flush along with solenoid valve control on the same system operated by PIR to prevent unnecessary water loss. Water meters were installed to monitor and track building zone consumption.

A wood chip/pellet biomass boiler is also installed as the primary heat provider to the various CT & VT LPHW systems. This was fitted with a heat meter to gain an idea of the performance advantages that this system is providing to the user. All water/heat meters are incorporated onto the BMS system along with the majority of the mechanical plant and zonal VT radiator control valves. Another fuel saving control is the PIR controlled lighting in the classrooms.

The second floor classrooms are served by Monodraught units and with solar type units in the open ICT areas. Within the sports hall roof a self contained E – Stack (Fan assisted units) are installed to maintain the space temperature.

The main assembly hall and drama theatre are fed by two individual AHU’s both controlled by the BMS and fed by the CT LPHW System.

Other systems installed on this project are door/gate access control, CCTV, sports pitch lighting, data, underfloor heating systems, and a fire alarm system. External drinking water fountains and the external garden water points (which is via the harvested rain water collection system). Additionally the ground floor main ICT room is also served by a heating/cooling DX system.