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Save the Children Chiller Refurbishment

Save The Children Chiller Refurbishment

This project involved providing the Client with choice of alternative Chiller proposals to allow them to replace their existing bespoke Chillers that had finally ceased to function properly and provide adequate cooling to satisfy the day to day buildings needs.

Norstead provided through the original base build Consultants and Structural Engineers validation of the new chillers capability and weight. By doing this the Client could be assured that the final replacement chiller selections were suitable to replace the existing.

Issues associated with the increase in height of the new chillers against those originally installed were a concern but Norstead assisted the Client in notifying planning and achieving permission to replace them.

A weekend road closure was necessary to remove the existing and install the new chillers.

The works associated with the new Chillers included:

All pipework changes, Insulation, BMS modifications, mechanical water and equipment commissioning all of which took 8 days following the date of the Crane Lift.