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Royal College of Arts

Royal College of Arts

The main agenda for the project was to have all of the Electrical and Mechanical services on display as much as possible within the general areas to provide a visual display on modern engineering in keeping with the college’s artistic temperaments.

The building, which was sponsored by Dyson Industries, is a multifunctional educational facility comprising of lithographic, digital and screen printing workshops on the ground floor, artistic work spaces on the first floor, on the second floor there are liquid and digital dark rooms, the third floor contains photographic studios.

Also available is a two tier lecture theatre and for the display of finished work, an art gallery exhibition space is on the ground floor.

There is a retail outlet along the west elevation and above it on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building is located rentable space for students to start up in business with in house specialists to assist in the patenting and production/business advice to assist in bringing ideas and concepts to fruition.