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MBDA Project Genesis

MBDA Project Genesis

MBDA Project Genesis – Phases 1, 2 & 3

Phase 1 of the new missile test facility for MBDA consisted of the shell & core works of the building with our scope entailing the fit out of 6 new plantrooms and an external plant compound and the initial primary distribution of mechanical services. The underground incoming services were also part of this phase of works. Phase 2 consisted of a full fit out to the manufacturing and office areas providing closely controlled conditions for the nature of the manufacturing. Phase 3 involved a new extension to give MBDA additional office space. This included 2No new plant rooms containing with new AHU’s VRF, chilled water and heating systems.

8 large plantrooms at the rear of the building which were to serve the production part of the building consisted of the following:

  • 13 No. air handling units with LTHW heating & chilled water coils and full humidity control
  • 13 No. extract fans
  • 34 No. gas fired modulating stacked boilers
  • LTHW & CHW primary and secondary twin pumps sets
  • LTHW heating & CHW pressurization units
  • DHWS pumps
  • Category 5 booster water tank
  • Full sprinkler system
  • BMS panel / control for each plantroom

2 No. at the front of the building which were to serve the offices areas consisted of the following:

  • 1 No. Kitchen AHU
  • 2 No. gas fired wall hung condensing boilers
  • DHWS pumps
  • 3 No. heat recovery units
  • BMS panel / control for each plantroom
  • Full sprinkler system

Underground Incoming Services

  • 250mm gas main, 180mm mains water and 100mm sprinkler main stretching over 200 metres around the perimeter

External Plant Compound

  • 3 No. chillers complete with header pipework and pre-insulated mains that ran underground into the building were installed.