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Innovation Centre

Queen Mary Innovation Centre

This project could generally be regarded as a shell & core although the complexity of the floors that were fully furnished had various specialist packages.

Specialist packages that included a lecture theatre ‘Audio Management System’ that was also integrated with the lighting control system which generally operated in all key areas including the staircases to help preserve electrical energy by closer management by the end user.

Due to the nature and intended use of the new building for future and the storage of existing research samples, a room within the lower ground floor called the freezer store has been fitted out to house a maximum of 44no. freezers, each one is monitored by the BMS for freezer failure and also by a specialist freezer monitoring system provided by Next Controls that monitors and notifies the client by remote GPS signalling. This is supported by a roof mounted generator capable and designed to support the QMIC building and two adjacent buildings.

The first, second and third floors have all been fitted with the appropriate mechanical, public health and electrical services all capable of future extension by the client. These services include domestic pipework services which includes softened water, LPHW & chilled water, mechanical supply and extract ventilation along with a fume extract system and low level vulcathene waste connections. The electrical services included lighting and power within the toilet and lift core along with a fire detection/alarm system.

Other systems installed include door/gate access, data, leak detection, BMS and double stacked supply & extract air handling units.

A fully coordinated services installation was installed into the building including the following systems:

  • Audio management system
  • Domestic pipework services
  • LPHW & chilled water
  • Mechanical supply & extract ventilation
  • Low level vulcathene waste connections
  • Door/gate access
  • Data leak detection
  • BMS and double stacked supply & extract AHU