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GSK Ware

GSK Ware Micronising Facility

Norstead were appointed for the installation of mechanical & electrical services to a new, purpose-built Micronising Facility for the production of specific pharmaceutical drugs.

The services to the facility include low temperature hot water installation, hot & cold water installation, chilled water installation, purified water installation, nitrogen pipework installation from a new BOC plant, sprinkler installation, natural gas installation, compressed air installation, ventilation systems from 3No AHU’s, building management system, lighting & emergency lighting installation, low voltage distribution, fire & voice alarm installation, energy metering, lighting protection. A new 150mm underground fire hydrant main was installed from the roadway to new hydrants external to the facility.

Connections of the services to all the Clients Manufacturing equipment was carried out to enable the commissioning of the services & the validation of the Clients equipment.

A full oxygen depletion system was installed in the Micronising Suite & plantrooms to detect any release of Nitrogen – if detected in any of the areas, a full evacuation of the building is activated in conjunction with the fire & voice alarm system.

The facility contained 3 separate plantrooms providing the services to the dedicated areas, each plantroom contained an AHU with heating & chilled water pipework to the internal coils controlled via the BMS.

2 No boilers in separate plantrooms provided general heating linked with a CHP with 1 No 650 kw boiler providing a dedicated hot water supply for the wash down facility of the manufacturing equipment via a plate heat exchanger.

Installation of a pumped drainage system to remove normal & abnormal waste water from the production area. Normal waste water is pumped to the general underground drainage system while the abnormal waste water is pumped to IBC’s via a fully welded stainless steel pipework system. The IBC’s are located within an external secure area, once full these IBC’s are then disposed by the client. The two different functions are controlled by a purpose built “Waste Water Control Panel” which is operated by the engineers from within the Micronising Suite.

Fully sealed & tested fume extract systems have been installed from the manufacturing equipment, these systems run from the equipment located within the suite to the plantrooms via carbon filter housings to remove any trace of the manufacturing process and purpose made stainless steel extract fans.