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GSK Barnard Castle

GSK Barnard Castle

This was an extension to the Block C Syringe Corridor, as well as the construction of 3 no. Plantrooms for future use. Due to GSK requirements, the works were carried out around the existing temporary corridor so care had to be taken working above and around this live environment.


As well as the new installation, life safety services had to be integrated into the existing building with special attention to permit and clean areas. This included fire alarm systems and emergency lighting which were installed as new and existing systems relocated.

Other systems consisted of public address, access control, and a CAT 7 with Cat 6e connectivity structured cabling system.

The electrical distribution is located in the plant room which consists of a distribution board. The emergency lighting was an extension of the existing CBU lighting system.

All of the lighting is modular LED.


The mechanical services within the Block C Syringe Corridor extension consisted of upgrades to the existing sprinkler Installation, initially involving the removal of redundant pipe work and sprinklers and the re-instatement of the service to address the firefighting requirements of the new zoned areas.

Heatrae Sadia Electric Water Heaters have been installed to the 3no future plant areas fed from a new insulated MCWS supply, connected at high level above the new corridor service void.

Supply and extract ventilation has been connected to the existing Barkell Air Handling Unit also serving the former corridor zone and store. The additional insulated ventilation service is c/w fire dampers and VCD’s, new supply diffusers and extract grilles. To cater for the increase in air volume, a new invertor has been installed to the AHU.

The corridor temperature control is being maintained by the addition of an LTHW heating coil installed in the new duct work supply circuit. The existing LTHW has been extended to serve the new coil complete with 3 port valve under the control of a temperature sensor within the corridor space.

An allowance has also been made for supply and extract fans for the plant room as part of the future works.