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GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

Phase 2 Works

Refurbishment of the existing first floor to provide new Invitro and Radiochemistry laboratories, including the provision of a new first floor plantroom extension.

The services installed comprise:

  • New dedicated atomic energy extract ventilation and filtration systems
  • New roof mounted supply air handling units
  • New roof mounted chiller
  • LTHW heating
  • Medical gases
  • New active drainage
  • Automatic controls
  • Lighting, power, security / access control
  • Fire alarms, voice and data
  • PA

Phase 3 Ground Floor Laboratory and Write Up Area

Full complement of Mechanical, Public Health and Electrical Works with primary heating and cooling via rooftop plant and chilled beams throughout. Full complement being:

  • LTHW
  • CHWS
  • DHWS
  • DCWS
  • Drainage
  • BMS / lighting controls
  • HV / LV distribution
  • Lighting fire alarms
  • Lighting / small power
  • Fire alarms
  • Data / comms
  • CCTV / card access